Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fishbowl Multimedia Project

Art Lesson
Fishbowl Painting
Grade 2

Resources: teacher exemplar

Materials:11”x14” fishbowl templates, pencils, crayons, watercolor paints, watercolor brushes, and buckets for water.

Objectives: Student Will:
-create an underwater composition.
-choose the elements that will go into his/her fishbowl.
-draw various sealife.
-create a wax resist painting.

Day 1: Student will view teacher’s exemplar and listen to the steps of the lesson. Student will draw in pencil the sea creatures and elements of his underwater composition as he chooses from a demonstration made by the teacher on the whiteboard. Student will begin coloring his fishbowl.
Day 2: Students will review the teacher’s exemplar and steps of the lesson. Student will finish coloring his underwater scene in crayon. Student will paint his fishbowl with watercolor paints. Student will participate in a gallery walk to assess the finish products of his peers.

Assessment: Rubric

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chinese Dragon Mask Lesson Plan

Art Lesson
Chinese Dragon Mask
Grades 2-4

Resources: teacher exemplar

Materials: cut construction paper strips, markers, paper plates, craft sticks, glue, stapler, scissors, staples, and construction paper.

Objectives: Student Will:
-create a Chinese dragon mask.
-collage papers to create a 3-d composition.
-choose a color scheme.
-learn about Chinese culture.

Day 1: Student will choose his/her pre- cut construction paper strips, and fan fold strips for added effect. Student will glue paper strips around the edges of the front of one plate. Student will glue the second paper plate to the first plate with the craft stick, handle in between. Teacher will staple for reinforcement. Student will draw and cut out "ruffly" part of head (to hide the plate) and glue to back of paper plates which are stuck together. Student will color dragon face coloring sheet with bright colored markers. He will cut out and glue to center of back of paper plates, on top of "ruffly" part. Student may add horns or bells or noise makers to the dragon puppet.

Alternative: Students glue face, strips, and “ruffly” part of the head to a sheet of construction paper as a collage composition.

Assessment: Rubric

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kandinsky for Kindergarten

My kindergarten students had so much fun with this project! I showed them a powerpoint on Kandinsky and Abstract Art that was geared for their age group. Then we picked out our four favorite colors of crayons to draw geometric shapes, imaginary shapes, overlapping shapes, and various types of lines. Afterwards I did a demo on watercolors and how to keep them shear and bright. They painted and had a great time!