Sunday, February 10, 2008

Promoting Your Art Program

I know I have spoken before about promoting my art program with parents, now I am going to discuss my experience with promoting in the community. For a year and a half my students have had their work on permanent display at a local grocery store, this was set up through a parent who works there (see how awesome parents can be!) This year I have done 3 contests. The McCarren airport contest, Housing Divisions "Where I Live Contest," and the Crayola Art of Childhood contest. With the Housing Division's contest one of my students was a runner up and two other students had their artwork displayed at the Venetian. The governor's wife Dawn Gibbons was on hand during the event. My student who was a runner up received a gift certificate for art supplies as did I for my school. I also just wrote my first application for a grant, a small grant, but excellent experience. On Friday I received a check in the mail from City Lights Artists Co-Op. In the future I would like to have local buisnesses and casinos hang our artwork and continue writing for grants. The more you promote your program, the more it benefits.

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