Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Matroyshka Doll Lesson

This lesson plan was a huge success for my sub last month! I have attached the Russian Doll Templates.

Sub Lesson Plan

Russian Matroyshka Dolls
Materials: Crayons and scissors (in the red boxes at each table), 11”x14” construction paper, and glue sticks.

Resources: Matroyshka Doll handouts, teacher exemplar, A Look at Russia by Helen Frost, and Russia ABC’s by Ann Berge.


*Show students the teacher exemplar and tell them these are Russian Matroyshka dolls. Explain them they are also called nesting dolls, because they fit inside each other.

*Read A Look at Russia by Helen Frost and pg 7. in Russia ABC’s.

*Pass out both Matroyshka Doll handouts and have students color in their dolls using crayons. They need to create a different pattern inside each doll.

*Students who finish coloring their dolls can cut them out and glue them onto and 11”x14” sheet of construction paper (they can pick the color). Make sure to go over with them to only use the glue around the edge of the doll, otherwise they will use too much and the glue sticks will go fast.

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