Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Leonardo Da Vinci Think Tac Toe


Grade Level & Content: Grade 4 Art

Power Standard(s)
(5)1.2 analyze works of art, e.g., compare and contrast the application of elements and
principles of design, etc. [NS 5.5.1]
(5)2.3 discuss artistic styles, e.g., define characteristics in works of art that identify
individual artists, groups of artists, or cultures [NS 4.5.2


Student will use the elements of art and principals of design to critique (a) masterpiece(s) by Leonardo Da Vinci.
Student will classify works of art by Leonardo Da Vinci by their function (portrait, religious, science).
Student will list Da Vinci’s contributions to science, technology, and art.

Kid-friendly Objective(s) or Essential Question(s)

How did Leonardo use the elements of art and principal designs to create Mona Lisa and the Last Supper?
Leonardo had all sorts of purposes for creating art, how can I identify what the purpose of each artwork is?
I heard that Leonardo had a lot of ideas for art, science, and inventions. What were they?

Directions to Students: Based on what we read in The Genius of Leonardo by Guido Visconti and Bimba Landmann choose three activities to complete.
Use a circle map to share your knowledge of Da Vinci’s life, art, and inventions.

Design a bubble map using the six elements of art to critique the Mona Lisa.
Create a tree map that shows at least 10 of Da Vinci’s contributions to science, technology, and art.
Use a multi-flow map to show at least 3 ideas of inventions Da Vinci created and what modern day technologies are similar to his ideas.

Fill in a Frayer Diagram that lists the style/period of Leonardo’s artwork, the characteristics of the style/period, famous works of art, and his artistic inventions.
Make a flow chart to summarize at least 5 major events of Leonardo’s life.
Create a bubble map to explain the use of the all of the principals of design in analyze The Last Supper.

Create a tree map to classify at least 3 works of art by Leonardo Da Vinci as either portrait, religious, or scientific.
Design a double bubble map comparing/contrasting the use of the at least 3 elements of art in The Last Supper and Mona Lisa.

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