Thursday, May 8, 2008

Matisse and Picasso ThinkTacToe

Directions to Students: Circle three choices vertically, diagonally, or horizontally and complete at your seat.
Use a circle map to share your knowledge of Picasso’s life, art, and inventions.
Fill in a bubble map using the six elements of art to critique Harmony in Red.
Complete a tree map that shows characteristics of the blue, rose, and cubist periods in Picasso’s art.
Write at least 5 sentences describing how you would feel if you were Henri Matisse and critics called you a wild beast for your paintings.
Read Drawing with Scissors by Keesia Johnson and Jane O’Connor with two partners.
Make a flow chart to summarize five events in Matisse’s life.
Use a bubble map to use the 6 elements of art to analyze Guernica.
Create a tree map to classify at least 6 works of art by Picasso as either blue, rose, or cubist period.
Pretend you are an art critic at the Fauve show and explain why Henri Matisse is a wild beast in at least 5 sentences.

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