Tuesday, June 3, 2008

An Easy Sub Plan

Sub Lesson Plan
Grades 1-3

My Creature

Materials: pencils, erasers, round jars (which are inside the bins on each table), 8”x10” manilla paper, and crayons.

*Show students teacher example from the substitute folder.
*Have students use the clear plastic jars from their bins to trace a circle in the center of their paper in pencil.
*Students then place their hands inside the circle and trace their fingers three or four times to create horns for their creature.
*Then ask students to mix and match parts from different animals to create a face and body for their creature. Help them brainstorm for this part. Ex: It could be furry, or smooth, or scaley. It could have sharp teeth or claws. How many legs does it have? Does it have a tail?
*Once everything has been drawn in pencil students can color in their creature with crayons.
*If there is left over time students can draw or write about their creature’s home, favorite food, and name him

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