Friday, January 25, 2008

Post it, Point it Out, Ask a Friend

There are no dumb questions...hmmm I don't know about that. Everyday I have a student ask me a question about a regular procedure that I have done with the students several times before. By answering this student's question I am enabling students to ask questions that they should already know the answers to and it allows them to not be independent thinkers. So what do you do?

1. Post the procedures around the room. Have the same place for items that are continuously used by students so they ought to know where to get them (You could even make signs as to where to find objects in the room).

2. Point it out. You don't even have to speak, just point. "Where do I get a pencil?" Point.

3. When a student was not listening to procedures I tell him/her to ask a friend that was listening. This gets students into the mindset of asking their peers for help and not relying on the teacher as much.

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