Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Safety Tips

Safety is always a big concern for any teacher, as you are in charge of children. Here are some tips to help in the art room:

1. I have a big problem with students throwing materials to each other. If I catch a student throwing an eraser, he is no longer allowed to use an eraser. I have really had to teach the kids to pass supplies, get out of their seats and get them, or roll them. Another idea is to have several supply boxes around the table for easy reaching.

2. I have a big talk in the beginning of the year where I tell the kids about the paper cutter. I explain to them the dangers of it and show them that it is locked and chained (I went and bought the chain and lock last year with my own money).

3. I do not allow students in the kiln room (without me there)or near the kiln(never ever!). I show them the light that means that it is on and tell them about the dangers.

4. I practice fire drills with kids the first three weeks of school and routinely go over the procedures.

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