Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Monet Lesson

Miss Liza Camhi
Art Lesson Plan
Mountain Landscape
Grade: 1st
# of sessions: 2

Art Resources: examples of Claude Monet’s Haystacks, teacher product, and visual aide.

Art Materials: one 8”x11” sheet of blue or purple paper per student, pencils, erasers, and chalk.

Student will:
- create a landscape drawing using bold colors and line.
- create a drawing using pencils and chalk.
- learn about the art of Claude Monet.
- learn how colors change in nature to reflect the time of day.

Relation to life/Why this is important: Student will learn how colors in nature change depending on the time of day.

Interdisciplinary Connections: History and Science

Vocabulary: Claude Monet, Landscape, and sunset.

Day 1: Teacher will introduce the Haystack series by Claude Monet and ask “What time of day do you think he painted this picture in?” Student will discuss how the colors become cooler and softer as the sun sets. Student will learn/discuss the meaning of the word LANDSCAPE. “How is the landscape we see outside different from the one in Claude Monet’s painting?” (mountains, desert) “If the colors in the landscape Claude Monet painted changed because the sun went down, do you think they change here when the sun sets?” Teacher will discuss colors the students will want to use in their landscape. Teacher will demonstrate how to draw a simple mountain landscape. Student will draw his landscape in pencil and hand it in.
Day 2: Student will review vocabulary and teacher product/visual aide. Student will review how colors in our landscape change as the sun sets. Student will view teacher demonstration of how to color in his landscape. Student will color his landscape and share it with the class.
For an online gallery of Monet images: http://www.intermonet.com/oeuvre/

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