Sunday, December 30, 2007

Useful Art Websites

Sorry about the break over the holidays, to make up for it I'm sharing this wonderful list of art websites put together by art educator Jeanne L Bayless.
Try the site above for links to the items below

[ ]3D Texture Artelementary and high school

[ ]A Paper Folding Activity

[]Arcimboldo Style Self Portraits high school

[ ]Art and ICT

[ ]Art Quotes

[ ]ArtsEdge Kennedy Center []ArtsEdge Lessons Visual Arts

[ ]Art Educators art themes:Elementary & High School

[ ]Basic Art Lessons

[ ]Computer Art Lessons

[ ]Creative Drama and Theatre Education

[ ]Creature PaintingCycle 1-2 elementary

[ ]Drawing: ArtStudio Chalkboard

[]Drawing Encounters

[ ]Easy Tie Dye K

[ ]Elementary Art LessonPlans

[]Experimenting with Picasso

[ ]ExploreArt lessons for various levels

[ ]ExploringTheme Through Collage lesson plan pdf

[ ]Fall Bouquet

[ ]Fall Leaf Print

[ ]Fall Leaf WaterColours

[ ]Fall ReflectionsCycle 1

[]Frothy Paint Activity elementary

[ ]General ideas andActivities

[ ]Hall of Fine Arts large Listof links to Fine Arts resources Secondary

[]Impressionist-Style Tile high school pdf

[ ]IncredibleArt Lessons

[ ]Incredible Art Department

[ ]Kids Art

[ ]Learning Howto Draw illustrated notes for teachers

[ ]Lessons from the San DiegoMuseum of Art

[]Line and Wash Landscapes Cycle 2-3

[ ]Mona Lisa Pattern Printout

[ ]Painting Treesin Winter elementary

[ ]Pixel Drawing high school lesson

[ ]Planning Art Lessons

[]Primary Art lessons with video

[ ]Puppetry Home Page Secondary

[ ]Refrigerator toRenoir: 10 Great Art Lessons Online

[ ]Shadow Pictures Elementary

[ ]Straw and MarblePainting

[ ]The Art of Teaching theArts High School Level (free signup for teachers)

[ ]VanGogh Clay Plaque pdf

[ ]VisualArt Secondary

[ ]Visual Arts from KnowledgeNetwork

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