Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Discipline Based Art Education in Motion

I gave an excellent description of DBAE in a previous post:
So how do you incorporate DBAE, state standards, and possibly national standards into the same lesson plan? First of all the standards and DBAE are intertwined. Many standards have art history, aesthetic, criticism, and studio components. So as long as you know your state standards you should easily be able to make the connections. (A good interview Q&A)
In my lessons; when I first introduce a new artist I give some background on the artist's life and the period of his work. Many times I will read from an art history book like the Mike Venezia series. I also show and discuss a major work by the artist. That can be the art history and part of the criticism/aesthetics sections.
Throughout the studio process I am looking for a similarity in process or technique as the artist we are studying in my students' works. I am always giving feedback and comparing/contrasting their work with the exemplar. That is a second aesthetic and critical component. Lastly when I grade, I do so with my student there and we discuss what was successful and what was not, that is the last critical component.

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