Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Valuable Holiday Art Lessons

A lot of teachers do holiday projects like turkey hands, Christmas tree ornaments, and handmade valentines. I say why not push the boundaries and make holiday art REAL ART. Why not learn about Grandma Moses and make (paper) quilt pieces that depict family around the holidays? Instead of just coloring hearts on Valentines, why not make handmade paper hearts and learn about a process? I've added one of my lesson plans I do on Velentine's Day that incorporates printmaking and the artist Jim Dine. For the printing plates I laminated 11"x14" white paper sheets.

Miss Liza Camhi
Art Lesson Plan
Jim Dine Monoprints
Grade: 1st -5th
# of sessions: 1
Art Resources: examples of Jim Dine Heart series and teacher product.
Art Materials: one 8”x10” sheet of white paper per student, monoprint plates , tempera paint, water, and brushes.
Student will:
- create a monoprint in the style of Jim Dine.
- learn printmaking methods.
- create a monoprint of a heart.Relation to life/Why this is important: This lesson teaches students printmaking methods which they will continue to learn in middle school and high school.
Interdisciplinary Connections: N/AVocabulary: Jim Dine, Monoprint, Pop Art
Day 1: Teacher will introduce examples of monoprints made by Jim Dine. Teacher will discuss how a monoprint is created. Teacher will demonstrate how to create a monprint. Student will paint tempera on monoprint plate. Once heart and background are created, student will press paper onto plate and pull off. If they were not successful on their first attempt, they will repeat the process until they have created a successful monprint.

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