Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Great Lesson to Introduce Kindergarteners to Art Class

My kindergartners are some of my favorite students. They are so cute and sweet, but when it comes to art they don't have much experience to draw from. They are not independent to start off with so I created this unit to give them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the art materials and to become independent works.
Miss Liza Camhi
Art Unit
Art Materials and Processes
Grade: K
# of lessons: 5

Art Resources: mystery boxes, teacher products and visual aide.

Art Materials: modeling clay, clay, scissors, glue, paint, paintbrushes, water containers, water, poster board, yarn, texture materials, hole punchers, paper towels, cotton swabs, construction paper, white paper, and crayons.

Major Goals/ N.V. State Standards addressed in this lesson:
1.0 Students know and apply visual arts media, techniques, and processes.
2.0 Students use knowledge of visual characteristics, purposes, and functions.
3.0 Students choose, apply, and evaluate a range of subject matter, symbols and ideas.
5.0 Students analyze and assess characteristics, merits, and meanings in their own artwork and the work of others.

Objectives- Student will:
-create works of art in a variety of media
-learn an art vocabulary that relates to art media and processes
-experiment with a variety of art processes
-create works of art in a variety of subject matter

Relation to life/Why this is important: Student will gain basic knowledge of how use a variety of art media in the classroom.

Interdisciplinary Connections: N/A

Vocabulary: clay, model, texture, collage, paint, paintbrush, texture, drawing, design, pendant.

Lessons: The unit will consist of the following components:
Las Vegas Poster- A group of four students will create a poster of Las Vegas landmarks. Students will draw in crayon on 12”x24”paper and reference photographs of local landmarks.
Texture Collage- 4 mystery boxes will be passed around the room. The student will stick his hand inside to touch the mystery object and then will describe how it feels. Student will then create a collage of different materials with different textures. Once the collage is complete, the student will paint over the materials so they blend with the background.
Winter Landscape Painting- Student will create a painting using white tempera paint on light blue paper. Student will create a sense of space in his painting by dabbling paint on lightly at first with a crumpled cloth, then adding more paint as he creates layers. Student will use the cotton swabs to create snowy trees.
My Best Pendant- Students will draw two circles. Student will draw inside of the two circles a picture of himself when he does his best in crayon. Student will cut out the two circles, glue them together, and punch a hole. Teacher will add yarn to hang the pendant on.

Assessment: Las Vegas Drawing will be graded on participation by E,S,N. Others projects will be graded on and E,S,N scale with a rubric.

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