Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Here's a great lesson for fall or Thanksgiving. It can also be used for health cross-curricular activities.

Miss Liza Camhi
Art Lesson Plan~Veggie Heads
Grade(s): 3rd
# of sessions: 3

Art Resources:~ teacher’s example, examples of Renaissance art, paintings by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, and visual aide.Art Materials: 1 sheet of 11”x14” white paper per student, pencils, black markers, and crayons.

Objectives- Student will: ~
*learn about the art of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.
*create a portrait made of drawn fruits and vegetables.
*use crayon, pencils, and black marker to create his/her portrait.
*learn about proportion.

Relation to life/Why this lesson is important: Considering Arcimboldo is a contemporary of the Italian Renaissance artists the student will learn about the importance of being unique and how artists have used their creative ideas to change art. This is also an introduction to proportion.

Interdisciplinary Connections: History, Health, and Science

Vocabulary: Giuseppe Arcimboldo, proportion, and Renaissance.

Day 1: Show students examples of Italian Renaissance art such as Mona Lisa or the Pieta. Discuss that Renaissance means “the best” as applied to art. Students will participate in a discussion about portraits by Giuseppe Arcimboldo (“What are these pictures of and how can you tell?” “What makes these portraits unique?”). Teacher will explain how Arcimboldo used fruits and vegetables to create a portrait. Student will view teacher product and go over the steps of the project. Student will watch teacher demonstrate how to layout his composition and add the fruits and vegetables. The teacher should start with a simple circle and ask students to help him/her think of fruits and vegetables to fill in the features. This is when the teacher should start going over proportion. The students should understand to pick fruits and vegetables that are similar in size and shape to facial features. Student will draw his portrait in pencil on white paper.
Day 2: Review vocabulary and art history.~ Student will trace his drawing in black marker. Once the tracing is complete the student may color the portrait in with crayon.
Day 3: Review vocabulary and art history.~ Student will finish coloring his composition with crayon. Student will cut out his mask and hand in.

For more picture of Arcimboldo's work check out:

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