Monday, November 19, 2007

What Should I Leave for a sub?

My rule of thumb is this, leave 5-6 simple lesson plans that a non-artist could teach. The lesson plans do not have to be filled with rubrics, standards, etc. unless your administrator asks for that. I just write down the materials, resources and procedures step-by-step. I keep the materials very simple such as cut and paste, drawing, coloring-nothing messy and nothing to build. I personally have not had much success with having subs teach my lessons, so beware, they are often better off doing something special with the students for that day. Along with the plans I leave a teacher exemplar, any copies, any books, and all the materials necessary together on my desk. I also leave a schedule, my lesson plan book with their lessons added into it, and a sheet regarding classroom management/procedures. I hope this helps.

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